UGB has been a firm supporter of Corporate Governance principles throughout its 34 year history. The Board and Senior Management of UGB believe that sound ethical practices, transparency in operations and timely disclosures, go a long way in enhancing long term shareholder value, while safeguarding the interest of the stakeholders. It is this firm belief that has led UGB to make strong corporate governance values intrinsic to its operations. The Bank supports the principles of transparency, accountability and prudence in its relationship with its shareholders, its Board of Directors, Management, Employees and its external stakeholders.

1. Board Committees2. Management Committee3. Governance Documents4. Incorporation Documents

1.1 Executive Committee

1.2 Audit Committee

1.3 Nominating and Remuneration Committee

2.1 Management Committee (MANCO)

2.2 Investment Committee (IC)

2.3 Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO)

2.4 IT Steering Committee (ITSC)

2.5 Key Persons Committee (KPC)

2.6 Risk and Compliance Committee (RCC)